Planting Lambert's Beet Starts

Get the most out of your vegetable 4-packs from Lambert's. Here's a series of photos of how we've had personal success thinning out and planting beet starts from our 4-packs.  

  1. There should be around 4-5 beets plants in each pack (about 16-20 plants/4-pack)
  2. Start by breaking up some of the soil around the roots. 
  3. Begin separating out a plant by pulling the plant gently away from the others
  4. You can gently pinch the base of the plant where the roots have formed to make sure they stay intact during the process.
  5. Dig a hole deep enough for the roots to fit without being crammed in the there. You will bury the plant level with the soil so that all the roots are buried. Lightly pack the soil around the base of the plant.
  6. You can space beets as close as 4-6 inches apart. The young tender leaves can be harvested as the root forms. They are delicious in salads and high in vitamins!